Call for Testers!

We’ve been tweaking the World-Tree collection website over the last few weeks, trying to create a platform that’s as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

But before we launch into full-scale collection mode, we are looking for some kind individuals to test the website at – either by adding an item or two, or by browsing the site and giving us your feedback.

At the moment, we have a restricted range of items on the site – a few dozen items, a growing collection of material migrated from the Orkney Project website, and some sample exhibits demonstrating on a small scale what we hope to be able to do with the much broader range of materials we collect from individuals, institutions and organisations.


A sample exhibit on ‘Vikings in the 21st-Century’

If you’d be willing to act as a tester for the website, please contact us at, or just jump right in and have a go at playing with the site.

We’re looking for feedback on the following:

  1. How easy is it to contribute an item? Did you encounter any difficulties?
  2. What was your experience of navigating around the site? Could we make it clearer?
  3. What works well on the website? What does not work?
  4. What features would help you to use the site in the way that you want to?
  5. Is there a resource you would really like to see us develop on the site? If so – let us know!

We’d be extremely grateful for your help!

Tom and Roderick



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