Launch of the Public Call!


And we’re off…

After a period of testing, tweaking and enlisting feedback from some fantastic contributors, today saw the official launch of the World-Tree Project collection website.

As well as getting an excellent response on social media, we have had some good coverage in the press.

Hugh Linehan interviews Tom in the Irish Times, in an article that understands the challenges of crowdsourcing the medieval past as well as what we are trying to achieve. There is some focus on metal detectorists – and we should make clear that we’ll be working with metal detectorists within official frameworks (such as the PAS scheme in the UK) and are very much opposed to nighthawking or illegal detecting in Ireland. One important thing the article talks about is the differences in cultural responses to the Viking past across Europe: just what does the word ‘Viking’ mean for different communities and interest groups?

There is also a write-up in today’s Irish Examiner, written by Sean O’Riordan, which explains the impact of the Project and why the time is ripe for a collection on the Vikings. The article uses one of the pictures taken in a photo shoot earlier in the week. We had great fun taking this pictures with the Medieval & Renaissance society at UCC.

Dr Roderick Dale (Researcher) and Dr Tom Birkett (Principal Inve
Dr Roderick Dale (Researcher) and Dr Tom Birkett (Principal Investigator) from the World-Tree Project, pictured with Elena Coderoni and Shane Broderick from UCC’s Medieval & Renaissance Society.

We also have a piece in the Irish World – a newspaper aimed at the Irish Community in the UK – which we hope will spread the word even further!

There’s a list of ‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know about the Vikings’ in the Irish Sun today, which is a bit of fun, but also hopefully helps to dispel a few popular misconceptions about the Norse peoples. And yes, the word ‘Viking’ is used very broadly indeed in this article!

One myth that simply won’t go away!

Finally, there’s some great coverage on the UCC Homepage, and on our own Twitter and Facebook pages.

Next stop: the Midland’s Viking Symposium in Nottingham tomorrow!



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